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Movies I like

I am a sucker for Dumb Comedy movies.........
Dumb and Dumber,
Austin Powers,
Mel Brooks movies,
Christmas Vacation,
Blazing Saddles
Mystery Science Theater 3000

And Sci Fi......

Star Wars
Star Trek
X FilesĀ 
Close Encounters of the Third kind

Classic Horror Movies
(but I do cover my eyes and watch through my fingers the first time I watch them )

TV shows I watch

Stranger Things
Walking Dead
Saturday Night Live
Big Bang Theory
Family Guy
History Channel
Agents of Shield

Interesting facts about me

I have a Barn Fetish (I love to take picture of old barns)

I think the light brown M&M's should be brought back (they DID taste the best!) image

I really do spell my name with a capital "Z"

I Knit

I can't quite grasp the notion of "sipping" drinks, I seem to "GuLp" mine.

I had 60 stitches in my scalp when I was 8 from an accident involving a tree and my horse.

I love astronomy. (I could stare at Orion for hours)
I hate that little milk drip you get on your chin when you eat a bowl of cereal.image

Some of my favorite Photos

Places to visit before you turn 100

The Northern Lights
The Amazon River